Special Events
  • Smart n Up Black Male Youth Summit II
    Event Date : July 14, 2017 to July 14, 2017
    Address:      Location: Location TBA

    According to statistics, one in every three Black males will see prison in their lifetime if current incarceration trends do not change. If properly inspired, instructed and redirected young Black men and boys can escape this dreaded fate.

    Hence the idea of “Smart’n Up.” It simply means to use information and intellect to make better decisions. Our research has led us to the conclusion that nobody, not even young Black males, wish to be perceived as dumb. “Smart’n Up!” is not just a program; it is a command. Through interactive, high-energy workshops we address issues like Education, Entrepreneurship, Mass Incarceration, Fatherlessness, Etiquette, and other critical issues.


    We address those issues in a way TAILOR MADE to penetrate the soul and awaken the consciousness of inner-city Black males.



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